19, Dec 2023
Trackers For Plant Machinery

Plant machinery is at a high risk of theft due to being left unattended for long periods. Thankfully, our trackers for plant machinery help protect your equipment from theft by providing you with real-time location data. This gives you the best chance of getting your assets back if they are ever stolen as police can use the live information to guide them to the machine.

Our Thatcham approved Maxi Plant Tracker offers S7 level protection for your expensive machinery. This will help to reduce insurance premiums as well as ensuring that your equipment can be recovered quickly. It’s a very simple and discreet unit which can be hidden in many places and even behind the engine cover. With the added benefit of 24/7 live tracking it gives you a much greater chance of having your assets returned.

Precision in Progress: The Importance of Trackers for Plant Machinery

With the ability to track multiple units from one platform, you can link up all of your plant vehicles and machinery from a private mapping panel 24/7. This also allows you to keep a closer eye on your fleet by monitoring running hours, ensuring vehicles are used only on the agreed sites and helping you plan servicing schedules efficiently.

We also offer easy-to-use software that can be accessed from desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. It allows you to create and receive alerts instantly. You can also monitor maintenance data, which will enable you to digitalise your maintenance processes and reduce your reliance on paper logs.

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