3, Feb 2024
The Best Online Games for Understanding Economic Systems

รหัสผ่าน UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ  a teacher is looking for a good way to introduce students to mercantilism, or a student wants to understand the differences between command and market economic systems, an online game may be just the ticket. The following games allow students to play at their own pace and can be easily accessed through laptops or tablets.


Often taught as part of a world history class, this in-class game asks players to think like a country that put its own needs first and not the individuals who were being served. While this is a difficult concept to grasp, the 15 minute (or less) game can be played with notes before or after to help make it more clear.

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The economies that emerge in multi-player games, or what I call Virtual Worlds, have their own unique challenges. The problem is that players tend to want to buy everything there is to offer, causing the economy to spin out of control and eventually collapse. Typically, these issues are addressed by introducing rationing into the system to encourage players to learn to manage their resources and not over-spend.

Some games, such as the well-reviewed Capitalism series, go as far as hiring Ph.D. economists to create an in-game economy that is as realistic as possible. While this approach is certainly not for everyone, it can be an interesting look at what happens when a real economy gets out of control.

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