21, Nov 2023
Private Tours Oahu Hawaii

The pristine, exotic beaches, spectacular scenery, rich history and culture of Hawaii have made it a favorite dream destination for millions of travelers. Whether you prefer to hike in the rainforest, snorkel in the coral reefs, experience an active volcano, watch the sunrise from a mountaintop or simply relax on a beach with your loved ones, there is no better way to see this beautiful island than with Private Tours Oahu Hawaii.

This company offers the most authentic experiences of the islands, considering all ages and cultural traditions to create a custom tour for you and your family or friends. From Hawaiian cultural performances and tours of historic sites to ocean activities like paddle boarding and snorkeling, Hi5 has it all. The private tours can accommodate up to 15 people, which makes them perfect for multi-generational family vacations.

Beyond the Guidebook: Unveiling Oahu’s Secrets with Halia Tours

One of the most popular options is the Halia Tours, which combines food, photography, spectacular sightseeing and water activities. This is a great option for families looking for a fun day out of the water without being rushed and the chance to spot some sea turtles along the way.

Guests can enjoy a sunset campfire dinner on this Oahu tour while seeing some of the famous Hawaii 5-0 movie sights and even a cave. The highlight is the scenic flight over Pearl Harbor, where you can see the USS Arizona and Battleship Missouri from hundreds of feet in the air.

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