17, Jun 2024
Insulate It Solutions – Why Spray Foam Insulation Is a Green Choice

As energy efficiency becomes a major concern for homeowners, many of them are searching for insulation that can reduce their utility bills. Insulate It Solutions has become a popular option that provides a variety of benefits, including increased comfort and lower energy costs.

This premium product can be sprayed into new construction, attics, crawl spaces and rim joists as well as existing homes. It is very effective in reducing air leaks that can cause a building to be poorly insulated. It also doesn’t sag or settle over time, so it will provide the same level of insulating power for years to come.

Why Choose Insulate It Solutions for Spray Foam Insulation?

Closed cell spray foam has tiny pockets of air that make it difficult for heat to pass through the insulation. It is physically stronger than fiberglass and cellulose, and it will create an effective vapor barrier in the areas where it is applied. It is a bit more expensive than open-cell spray foam, but it still offers better insulating value per board foot than traditional batt insulation.

The foam insulation will be applied with a specialized spray gun to the surfaces of the home or commercial building. Once sprayed, the liquid foam expands and fills the gaps, cracks and crevices that may be present. It then begins to harden and cure.

The low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of spray foam insulation is another reason that it is considered to be a greener choice than traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation. The blowing agents in spray foam have a much lower GWP than carbon dioxide. Look for products like BASF Walltite CM01 or Genyk Boreal Nature that use HFOs as their primary blowing agent to reduce your GWP impact.

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