12, Feb 2024
The Science of Online Gaming – What Research Tells Us

Playing video games releases a feel-good neurotransmitter called dopamine, the same kind that’s released when people take stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamine. But the dopamine spike can be short-lived, and if you play too much, it can have real-world consequences. Some researchers believe that gaming addiction is a real thing, and even has some similarities to other addictive activities such as gambling and substance abuse. But others say that research on gaming addiction is flawed, and that the term itself may be misleading. Go here https://www.ufabet168.academy/ทางเข้าufabet/

A study of online gamers has found that social interactions are central to their experience, and participants were motivated to game to build in-game relationships that helped them feel connected to other players. These in-game relationships provided them with rewards that were not matched by offline social activities, and they encouraged them to continue playing. This type of in-game relationship was especially important for those who characterized their gaming as ‘heavy’ or ‘compulsive’.

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The study used a technique called psychological-phenomenological analysis, which focuses on the experience of a phenomenon as described by the people who live it. This approach aims to observe the phenomenon as objectively as possible, and endeavours to bracket away (set aside) preconceived knowledge and expectations.

Unlike previous studies that involved diaries or subjective self-reporting, this OII study worked with data directly supplied by the gaming platforms to which participants gave their informed consent. This allowed for a more direct exploration of the link between objective game time and mental health, and offers a first step towards carrying out more rigorous scientific studies of gaming over longer periods of time.

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