3, Feb 2024
Tango Energy Reviews

Tango energy reviews a catalogue of unique features for their customers such as an all-in-one online account, reward programs, and renewable energy support. They also have a number of payment options including direct debit, BPAY and credit card.

Tango energy is a retailer that offers simple electricity and gas plans to Australian households. It is the retail arm of Pacific Hydro, an international renewable energy company with power generation assets across 19 countries. In 2016, Pacific Hydro was acquired by China’s State Power Investment Corporation, and since then Tango has been operating as the company’s Australian retail energy brand.

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According to Product Review, Tango energy has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. This is the highest score for any energy provider in the country, and customers rate their service highly for being proactive, professional, and helpful. Tango is also known for offering competitive prices, and they rank highly in the Green Energy Guide’s rankings for their commitment to renewable energy.

Tango currently has a low fixed rate plan available in Victoria called Home Select which offers an electricity rate that won’t change for 12 months. They also offer a GreenPower accredited plan called Tango Blue which means an equivalent amount of energy will be purchased from renewable sources to offset your carbon emissions. Their prices are also competitive in NSW and SA.

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