Tyler Sampson

How lucky are we to have the coolness of Tyler  in the PLAY family.

A congenital right arm amputee, Tyler is an advanced baseball and football player and has been awarded with the Tyler Sampson day in Frisco, Tx. His own day! Too cool.

In addition, Tyler won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Superbowl XLVIII this year. Tyler’s story was chosen through  Together We Make Football which was aired right before the Superbowl.

The NFL gave Tyler sideline access before kick-off and invitations to exclusive Superbowl parties where he mingled with celebrities and NFL players and coaches.  At game time, Tyler, his twin brother, + his dad watched along side President Bill Clinton.  He also had a great moment when he met Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Tyler + Bill Clinton

PLAY  is helping Tyler with his baseball and we are so happy to be behind him.  He is such an inspiration.

Welcome Tyler!