Joseph Peppersack

Peppersack photo

Joseph has set his goals on the Paralympics and Play wants to get him there.   Born with an abnormal tibia bone, the 14 year old Virginia resident is missing his right leg (AK) and, in spite of it all, found swimming at the age of 9.

He began swimming with a local team in the summers and is now competing year round for the The Virginia Association of Competitive Swimming.

In addition, in the last two years, Joseph has been swimming at disability and paralympic style swim meets with the hopes of eventually competing at The Paralympics.  He has competed at Jr. Disability Nationals, earning first place in all events & also competes with able-bodied swimmers, often finishing in the top 8.

To further his competitive spirit, his coaches have decided to move him to the top training level of the team this year. How awesome is that. Play is helping Joseph get to the next level and we are so excited to support him & his family in this.

Congratulations!!  Follow Joseph in his meet’s and swimming pictures on Facebook at Joseph’s Amputee Adventures

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