Inga Petry

Inga was born without arms and was adopted into a family of 5 other adopted siblings. How special is that.

In addition, she has allowed her spirit and smile to push her into becoming a talent playing the cello….with her feet.

She participates in an orchestra weekly, as well as various ensembles throughout the year.  She also attends a chamber camp and Suzuki Institute in the summers.  She practices every day, and is a naturally musical person.

Inga uses a special cello stand to hold her cello while she plays it.  She has recently begun to be invited to perform for special events such as the commencement at her school and at two benefit banquets for charitable organizations.  She has appeared on the news in Cincinnati, and was featured in an NPR broadcast.

She has already become an inspiration to several children younger than she, who have upper limb amputations! She is becoming an ambassador, of sorts, simply by playing her music.

                                                           We are very proud of her accomplishments!