Elena Petry

Born with a congenital issue, Elena is missing her right arm at the shoulder, her left arm stops at elbow length and she plays the cello with her toes.

Sound familiar? Elena is the sister of our other special applicant and cello player, Inga.

Elena has been playing for a little under four years, and is just about to pass into book 3 of the Suzuki repertoire. She plays so well that if you were not looking, you would not know she played with her feet.

She participates in an orchestra weekly as well as various ensembles throughout the year. She attends a chamber camp and Suzuki Institute in the summers, and plays outside of Lancaster Central Market (the oldest market in the United States) during the summer to be able to afford music camp.

She practices diligently every day, and is a naturally musical person as is her sister and music teacher, also known as MOM!

Welcome to the family, Elena!

Elena Petry