Swimming With New Hands

So, how was my weekend? Well, in addition to watching the Olympics and the best mens’ swimming relay ever (go USA!),

…going to an airplane museum and being envious of my little brother’s trip to Japan for two weeks, I spent time with my new 10 friends. 😉 After waiting for such a long time, I finally received my hands! Amazing how real they look and feel.

I can actually swim with them, wear my wedding ring, grab the car steering wheel and most of all use the jewelry that has been waiting on the back burner.

Its a strange feeling to have something so normal feel so weird. I had to get used to having length again and having the ability to scratch my head, hold my purse, etc. I realized just how much I have learned to do without them. It really makes you realize what you can adapt to when the situation presents itself.
Its the next phase. But, I have a challenge for you. Because I now have what I thought I could not live without but realize that I have adapted without, take something away for two weeks and see how you feel.
Rather than drive a car, just walk, take the train, or carpool and meet some new people along the way. Don’t eat out and learn how to cook. Take away or reduce TV and spend more time with the family or read more books. Whatever it is, take it away for a while and I promise, you will adapt.
The fun part is finding how you compensate, how creative you become or new things you discover. Then ask yourself: do I really have to have it?
There is always a piece of yourself that gets discovered through circumstance. See what you can do and become.
Wishing you the best,