Sky the Service Dog & More Updates

I think we will finally have a new addition to our family! I was told last week that we are 95% sure that I have a service dog and should be at our house within a month to 6 weeks.

He is an awesome male chocolate lab named Sky. They have done such an amazing job training this little guy. We didn’t get a chance to name the dog as they name them while training, but I think it’s a look into the future. Sky is the limit. Hopefully he won’t be our only addition.

Hand Update: I am getting my hands this week. It seems like forever since this started but will be an exciting time.

Pilates Video Update: Thanks to ALL who voted and who sent me so many wonderful emails. We didn’t win but came so close. We got some great calls as well. It was fun and I’m glad that Donna and I were able to participate.

Weekend Update: Little Matthew went to a cooking camp this weekend then all the kids served lunch to the parents/adults in their aprons & hats.

It was so much fun and I have to say, great food and great skills taught for the kiddos. As someone pointed out, the most impressive thing with 30 kids: not one dish was dropped! Now, that’s a good day.

Foundation Update: This is really coming along and will bring so many smiles to so many youth.

I find something to be inspired by everyday I work on this! I hope a year from now I can give you so much information and would hope to have helped numerous kids.

There is so much more to life if you allow yourself to explore the unknown and the possibilities.

Wishing everyone a great day!