A Rough Start, A Few Laughs & Friends in Low Places

Good day! Before I start this post, I wanted to give you a bit of encouragement. I live by a school where the boys track team is up running every morning. I was watching one kid this morning who I thought was going to fall over any minute! He was shuffling (not running), his head was titled to the side (as if his shoulder was a pillow) , and he was way behind the pack.

It was one of those moments where you start to feel his pain. Poor guy, what a rough start to the day, I thought. Then, out from behind came two other kids that weren’t doing much better but noticed this kid struggling. Without much but a simple mental push, they got up next to him and all three started pacing each other.

They started picking up the pace, the head came off his shoulders, and they got closer and closer to the lead pack. It was like watching a flower get a little water and sprout up. I’m sure he is at home sleeping now but it was a great way to enjoy the morning. 🙂

So, after coffee and the morning race, I got back to reality. What’s been going on? Well, my new 10 friends have been with me at a few events. They made their debut at an engagement party for my brother and Christy. How did they do? Well, they did a nice job of holding my wine glass and talked a lot for me. We used to talk A LOT together. 🙂 I was reminded of this when one of my friends went onto another glass, oops!
My youngest brother had posted a while back about a friend of ours who was going to run 100 miles and his goal was to raise $5K for P.L.A.Y. Well, that race was this past weekend and he raised just under the $5K goal! Just amazing! But, let me tell you how this was done. Justin and his partner didn’t finish the race (it’s 100 miles!). But not because of the mileage, rather it was mother nature. This is just crazy.

The race started at 4 in the morning under these conditions: 30 degrees, snow, rain, sleet and his running partner suffered from hypothermia and a twisted knee. Some runners even had to be carried out by helicopter. WOW! They did such a great thing. Even though they didn’t cross the finish line the end result was greatly summed up by “achieving anything, even goals one had worked toward for a year, pales in comparison to the simple act of reaching out and caring for another human being.”

I’ve done some speaking this week, met with a wonderful author (fascinating how the book industry works), been at meetings, watched some great videos provided to me by Scottish Rite, found my new (of several) inspiration at teamcody.com & tried to sleep.
But, one of the things I have observed is the people I have met. I don’t know if it’s me, them, or the situation but its been fun. Everyone needs friends in low places. Check this out: have you ever talked to the person in the tollbooth?

How about your drive-through bank teller? Until recently, I pretty much did my thing at both places and moved on. Well, last weekend it was kind of late and I went through the toll and we were getting change. As this took a second, I asked her how she was doing and when she got off her shift. She responded that she had a little longer to go on her shift but then said (with a smile), “I’m just really glad to have a job.”

How she said this really made me appreciate how we take things for granted. Then, I love my drive through teller at the bank. This guy is always so helpful and has the best things to say. He is always cheerful and provides fantastic service but, the one thing I find so refreshing is that he makes an effort of getting outside of himself and making the “drive-through” experience something nice in your day.

So what do these two examples mean to you? No matter what your doing, be the best that you can be. Even though our goals in life may be different, the way we treat others can get you much farther in life than having it “all” but no spirit.